How a Mobile App Supports the Mission of an Animal Rescue Team

The mission of Guardian Angel Basset Rescue is simple–GABR rescues Basset Hounds in Illinois, Eastern Missouri, and Indiana from bad situations. It provides the needed vet and foster care, while adoption coordinators help the Bassets find good homes. Through its work, GABR has placed more than 5,000 very good dogs. 


As a volunteer-driven 501(c)(3), GABR depends heavily on its communities. From Basset Friends Forever (BFFs who donate automatically each month) to foster families, volunteers, and annual event attendees–communication is critical. But GABR’s communication methods were falling short. 


Frustrated by Limits

Among other initiatives, GABR’s weekly 50/50 Queen of Hearts Raffle and yearly Waddle event are key to sustaining the organization and its good works. 


GABR initially tried promoting the Raffle through SMS messages, but quickly realized that the SMS 160 character limit did not allow it to publish necessary details and URLs, and it was getting expensive. GABR began looking for another solution. 


Flexibility and Affordability from a Mobile App

The LetsAllDoGood app offered GABR a single affordable solution to its communication needs.


Last fall, GABR began using the app to promote its weekly Raffle. This year, GABR employed the app at its annual Waddle and saw a marked improvement in logistics and communications, earned a three-fold increase in raffle sales, and found a new way to provide year-round-value to event sponsors. Here’s how they did it... 


  • Tags and lists in the app allow GABR to communicate with whomever it needs to, whenever it needs to. From fosters and volunteers to event attendees and cause supporters, GABR can now send targeted messages to discrete audiences.

  • Push notifications (with no additional fees) ensure that GABR’s reminders about the weekly Raffle are seen instantly and not lost in cluttered email inboxes or on algorithm-dependent social media feeds. 

At the Waddle, GABR used both push notifications and location-based alerts to ensure that attendees received information about parking, registration, and VIP perks as they approached the venue, and received event alerts and raffle ticket reminders while they were there.


“If you think herding cats is tough, try 1500 bassets!” Ashley Maskel, the daily operations manager for GABR, explained. “At the Waddle, we’d try to get everyone lined up for the parade of the bassets using bull horns. This year, we sent push notifications, and I’d watch people pull out their phones, see the notification, and head to the start line.”


Push notifications were just as effective in motivating participation in the onsite raffles. “The reminder notifications would go out, and I’d see people moving to purchase their tickets. This is the first year we actually ran out of tickets to sell.” Maskel credits the use of LetsAllDoGood as an important factor in their three-fold raffle ticket sales increase.

  • Location-based alerts allow GABR to support its event gold sponsor, Streator Onized Credit Union (SOCU), not just at the event, but  throughout the year.  Whenever anyone who follows GABR on the App is close to a SOCU branch, they get a notification promoting SOCU and its services.

Push Notifications for an Animal Rescue Event


An App That Is Easy to Use, and Administer 

Not only has the app made communication more accessible for GABR supporters, volunteers, and BFFs, it has also been easy for the GABR staff to administer. 


GABR has encouraged its community to download and follow them on the app through promotion in emails, social posts, and on their website. They use a scannable QR code that instantly leads supporters to the app store to download and connect with GABR in the app. From there they select the tags that apply to them, and they are done.


LetsAllDoGood is proud to be a part of GABR’s mission to ensure that “No Basset is Left Behind—Anywhere.” If you’d like to learn more about their work, please visit their website, facebook page, or twitter feed


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