Animal Rescue Mobile App Success Story

LetsAllDoGood Client: Guardian Angel Basset Rescue (GABR), a volunteer-driven 501(c)(3) in Dwight, Illinois that rescues basset hounds from bad situations.


Customer since: November, 2020


Previous communication challenges: Limits and costs of SMS texting to reach supporters.


Solution: A mobile app with unlimited push notifications. 


GABR Relies on the App for... Results
  • Event Logistics
  • Sponsor Recognition
  • Raffle Notifications
  • Volunteer Recruitment/Notification
  • Building Community
  • Adoption Alerts
  • Supply Requests
  • Foster Notifications...
  • A marked improvement in logistics and communications at its annual fundraiser.
  • A three-fold increase in event raffle sales. 
  • Year-round-value to event sponsors.
Ashley Maskel, GABR Daily Operations Manager: “This is the first year we actually ran out of tickets to sell [at our Waddle event]! The app played a huge role in that!”  


How They're Using Their Nonprofit Mobile App

Who they are communicating with. (Their tags)

Animal Rescue Mobile App Segments

Through LetsAllDoGood, GABR communicates with seven different groups:

  • Those looking to Adopt. GABR can feature bassets who are available to adopt, or when they're hosting an adoption event. 
  • Their BFFs, the “Basset Friends Forever,” a group of donors who contribute to GABR monthly and receive additional benefits. 
  • Foster families who are providing care for the bassets waiting for furever homes.  
  • Friends of GABR who want to be in the know with GABR news and information. 
  • Those who Have a Basset.
  • Volunteers who help on site and throughout the GABR community.
  • People who are attending their annual Waddle event. 

Raffle Promotion

Animal Rescue Mobile App Examples

Each week, GABR hosts a 50/50 Queen of Hearts Raffle. Push notifications for the raffle are sent through the app, and tickets can be purchased through their GoodLink. 


Sponsor Promotion

Animal Rescue Mobile App Sponsorship

Using the LADG HereNow functionality, GABR sends notifications to anyone within their community when they are in proximity to their sponsor locations. 



LetsAllDoGood is proud to be a part of GABR’s mission to ensure that “No Basset is Left Behind—Anywhere.” If you’d like to learn more about their work, please visit their website, facebook page, or twitter feed or read a GABR case study.


3 Ways to learn about LetsAllDoGood

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