How Nonprofits Can Use Push Notifications

When you need to get the word out immediately, your nonprofit can use direct push notifications. They take seconds to create and land instantly on your supporters’ smartphones. 


The latest release of LetsAllDoGood, the mobile app for nonprofits, available for both iOS and Android, makes direct push even more powerful. Now you can include a link or location right in your message. With a single tap, your supporters are exactly where you want them to be.


Watch this short video (or read on) to see how it works.



Here's how Direct Push Notifications work. Does your nonprofit need to send a reminder about the fundraiser at a local restaurant?


Step 1: Set up a direct push notification and include a link for the restaurant, and a map of how to find it. 

Step 1 Schedule the Direct Push


Step 2: The message lands instantly on their smartphone.

Step 2 the message lands instantly


Step 3: Your supporters tap the notification, and it takes them to the message.

Step 3 your supporters tap the notification


Step 4: If they tap the link, they visit the website provided.

Step 4 Tap the link for the website


Step 5: If they tap "directions," it pulls up the map.

Step 5_ Tap directions for the map


There are so many uses and audiences for direct push notifications. Use them with volunteers, the families you serve, your fosters, and so many more.  


Interested in learning more about LetsAllDoGood? Sign up for one of our webinars, or schedule a demo. 



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