5 Ways an App Can Improve Nonprofit Communications

Here’s the big question for nonprofit organizations considering an App: Is it worth the investment? The short answer is, YES. Here’s why:


1) Apps make it easier for you to reach your supporters in real time—where they live—on their smartphones.

As you know, reaching people is HARD.

  • 98% of emails result in no action.
  • Only 2-5% of social media posts are seen by followers.
  • 90% of time spent on a smartphone is spent in an APP …only 10% mobile web.

98% of emails result in no action


If you want to get your supporters’ attention, you need to reach them on the front screen of their smartphones. An App can do that.


2) Apps make it easy to call for instant action.

Apps are a great way to make your communications “actionable.” Through push notifications you can reach supporters instantly--without incurring the additional costs of text/sms.


A last-minute call for volunteers, a change in plans or locations, a call for sign-ups or registrations… Apps make it easier for you to reach your supporters right now and for them to take immediate action on your requests.

With some Apps you can also tag and target specific supporters and groups, allowing you to streamline and target your communications.


3) Apps bring supporters right to the point of purchase/donation.

With an App you can instantly reach supporters then drive them to donate in-App or on a designated donation page--making the transition from wanting to donate to actually donating as quick and seamless as possible.


4) Apps allow you to communicate with your supporters based on where they are.

Nonprofit Sponsor Value

An App with location services is a game-changer. Some Apps enable you to know if your supporters are at an event. You can also deliver targeted content when a supporter arrives within a radius of where you are fundraising. You could instantly supply a coupon, a reminder to visit a certain business, a link to donate immediately.... The use cases for location services and fundraising are long and an App supplies the location service.


5) Apps foster and promote mutually beneficial NPO/sponsor relationships.

Location services and push notifications are key to driving supporters to local partnered events—dance marathons, scoop-a-thons, dinner deals, you name it! This reason alone could make an App investment worth the expense for your nonprofit organization


If you’d like to learn more about LetsAllDoGood, reach out to us, schedule a meeting, or attend one of our webinars. We’d love to help you do more good in your community.

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